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1. Who is Alpha Assistant?

Alpha Assistant offers personal and virtual assistant support for your work and personal life. One of our assistants will be dedicated to you at a fraction of the cost of hiring an additional employee, which saves you both time and money. We are dedicated to offering a wonderful and affordable client experience. We have made it our passion to help businesses and busy people cost-effectively succeed. Our hope is that you can have tasks taken care of and have extra time for more meaningful things in life.

2. Why should I use Alpha Assistant?

Alpha Assistant offers personal and virtual assistant support for your work and personal life. If you find it difficult to keep up with time-consuming tasks, or just need additional resources to grow your business, we can help! One of Alpha Assistant’s dedicated assistants will provide you the knowledge and willingness you need to help manage a busy lifestyle.

Multiple customizable arrangements are available to meet your needs. We offer both in-person personal assistant service, as well as our most popular virtual assistant option, for a wide range of weekly hours needed.

3. How does the arrangement get started?

We will first conduct a short phone consultation with you to discuss needs and specifics about your situation. Common discussion topics include which tasks you want us to complete, how many hours are needed, and how to get the best out of the relationship. We will then begin arranging a customized solution.

As a last step before starting, we will conduct a group conference call with both you and your new assistant to begin building a great working relationship and understanding of expectations.

4. What is your hiring process for your assistants?

Our thorough hiring and screening process includes multiple rounds of interviews, criminal background checks and a trial in-house work period to train and gain a greater understanding of strengths.

5. What are the prices?

Below the pricing and hour arrangements we offer.

Alpha Assistant Pricing 10+ Hours Per Week 20+ Hours Per Week 40+ Hours Per Week
Virtual Assistant $23 per hour $22 per hour $21 per hour
In-Person Local Assistant $30 per hour
  • Alpha Assistant Pricing
  • Virtual Assistant
    • 10+ Hours Per Week: $23 per hour
    • 20+ Hours Per Week: $22 per hour
    • 40+ Hours Per Week: $21 per hour
  • In-Person Local Assistant
    • $30 per hour

Please note we typically have a 10 hour minimum. However, if you need less than 10 hours per week it is billed at $23 per hour.

As you can see, one of our assistants will be dedicated to you at a fraction of the cost of hiring an additional employee, which saves you both time and money.

6. Can my assistant handle scheduling?
Absolutely. Your assistant can coordinate meetings, schedule appointments, and manage your calendar with ease!

7. Can my assistant make purchases on my behalf?
Yes! Your assistant can place orders, make purchases, and schedule payments safely and securely. To share credit card information, passwords, and other sensitive data, simply have your assistant collect your information over the phone. This way, we can ensure your information remains safe. At Alpha Assistant, we are committed to your security!

For your safety we require written confirmation on all purchases over $500 and we restrict purchases over $3,000 USD. This means if you need your assistant to purchase a product for over $500, they will first have to email you a summary of the purchase. Once our assistant receives a confirmation reply regarding this summary (this can be as simple as “okay”), they can then make the purchase. We realize this may slightly lengthen the process, but we do so to protect you from small oversights that can lead to costly mistakes.

8. Can my assistant make and receive phone calls for me?
We are happy to make and receive any calls you need. We simply encourage proper instruction and initial monitoring to ensure it’s what you’re looking for.

9. Can my assistant keep my inbox organized?
Indeed! Delegating your email inbox to your assistant on your behalf is a great way to stay on top of email and keep your inbox tidy.

10. Can my assistant edit and format a presentation for me?
Certainly! Our assistants are well-versed in Microsoft Office products. We can format and edit personal or business presentations with your provided content, images and detailed instructions.

11. Can my assistant work with specialized software?
All of our assistants go through an in-depth certification process to ensure they can best serve you from the start. While we do not offer specific training for specialized software, our assistants are more than happy to learn if you are able to provide instruction.

12. Can my assistant do design, video or audio work?
Your assistant can certainly provide work to the best to their ability. However, with extremely technical tasks it may be best for your assistant to research and find the best possible specialist for your needs.

13. Do my hours roll over?
Unfortunately our arrangements do not rollover. However, we are happy to work with you to discuss in-depth how many hours are suitable for you.

14. Can my assistant work on the weekend or at night?
Absolutely. We can customize the schedule to meet your needs.

15. Will my assistant be working on holidays?
Alpha Assistant observes the four major holidays below. Your assistant will be spending time with friends and family during these days:

New Year’s Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

16. How do payments work?

Payments are processed weekly in a safe and simple manner through our secure payment processor.

Not seeing your question answered? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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