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Google Analytics can provide you with valuable insights, which can help shape your business marketing strategy. It is a great way to understand the business aspects of your website. You can use it to study and understand your customers. It helps you to see how many users are visiting your website. Google analytics can show if campaigns are working effectively online. It uses data to improve the experience of both current and prospective customers.

In Alpha Assistant, we can help your company set up using Analytics and analyze your website data. Here are a few reasons how we can help your business grow:

See where your visitors are coming from

Google Analytics can show you where your visitor source is from. Let’s say a lot of your traffic is coming from a mobile phone. This could mean that investing in a mobile app could help draw even more customers to your business. Here at Alpha Assistant, we use analytics to help you decide on what type of marketing strategies you need.

Tracing Your Customer’s Location

Google Analytics can show detailed reports about where in the world your users are from. You can use this information to formulate marketing strategies.  This will also help you understand where there is the growth potential for your service or products.


Through analytics, targeting more niche customer segments is achievable. We at Alpha Assistant assist you in sending marketing campaigns to specific customers. We use the Analytics Advanced Segments feature to classify these campaigns based on certain factors.

Track Your Campaigns

You have a marketing campaign ready to send out, but how do you know if it’s even working that well? Google Analytics can track your campaigns and the impact they have on your customers. Through google analytics, we help you track which marketing strategies work. We can help you learn how many clicks through you get and how much sales you gain.

Achieve Your Goals

Do you want to know if your business is doing well? You can assign goals to track your business’s progression. With google analytics, you can measure your success by tracking and achieving your business goals.

Check Your Competitors

In Alpha Assistant, we use google analytics to analyze and compare your traffic statistics. We can help you see how your website looks in comparison and check if it is engaging enough to beat them.

Bouncing Rate

A lot of business receives a lot of traffic but not enough conversions. Google Analytics can show your website’s bounce rate – and if this is high, we can help you figure out why. It could be that your site is poorly optimized, or your website is too hard to navigate. That is where we step in to help you attract the right traffic and lower the bounce rate.

Social Media

Analytics is also a great way to see which of your Social Media platforms are working for you. Let’s say Facebook Ads work best for your company. Through Google Analytics, we can inform you what the best channel to invest your marketing budget in.

Here, at Alpha Assistant, we provide Google Analytics support to website and business owners. With the help of our professional virtual assistants, we can bring your company successful marketing campaigns. Feel free to contact us today!

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