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Not everyone can be the best at what they do, the leading alpha in the pack. It is the same when you hire a virtual assistant. There are “keepers” separated from the “mediocre” -which is which?

Virtual assistants of best value

Many agencies to choose from, characteristics to look out for, and red flags to avoid. How about this. What about that, so on and so forth.

So many questions for so many doubts. Fortunately, we have answers for all of them!

No need to look any further. Alpha Assistant got your back like we always do. Here is our entrepreneur guide on how to choose the best virtual assistant in 2021. Read more below!

What is Virtual Assistant?

It is never a strange thing to ask what virtual assistants are. You better know them in-depth first before you ask how do I find a virtual assistant.

First off, they come in many names across varying regions.

They can be called virtual executive assistant, virtual administrative assistant, or virtual personal assistant. However, you can simply refer to them as virtual assistants.

What then is a virtual assistant?

VA’s are employees having the same tasks and obligations as your regular desk employees –but they do it virtually and with digital finesse.

That means you will save more and convert more in the digital market; while also having an assistant for various tasks. Best value!

Virtual Assistant Tasks

A good virtual assistant will elevate your business and personal life, not wasting your money and time. They are highly-trained to provide service that they pay to operate.

What are their services? Here is a shortlist virtual assistant jobs they usually work on:

  • Administrative Work
  • Personalized Tasks
  • Customer Support
  • Creative Content
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Management
  • Executive Management

They are your online backbone for logistics. Capable of handling clients and promoting your brand. The diverse skill set of a virtual assistant is an ideal fit for your thriving business. No doubt!

 How to Find a Good Virtual Assistant?

Onward to the main topic at hand, about choosing the best virtual assistant 2021. There are roughly four (4) steps you need to take. We will guide through each of them.

Remember, we are separating the “keepers” from the “mediocre”. We only want you to have the best virtual assistant experience after all –nothing less than the best value.

1.) Identify Your Objective

Success stems from objective planning. The same thing applies to hiring a virtual assistant. Assess what are your ultimate goals when hiring one and list them all out.

After doing so, carefully identify which key areas you want your virtual assistant to strengthen. It can be your brand’s digital presence, logistics, digital marketing, etc.

Rank them and relay them.

Of course, they can do most of your desired task, but it is essential to let them know beforehand on areas you want to emphasize. It is a first-things-first kind of basis for better productivity.

To summarize, here’s how you do it:

  • Asses goals when hiring a virtual assistant
  • Identify key areas your VA will strengthen
  • Set priorities within those tasks

Why do so? It’s because there are virtual assistants who specialize in certain tasks and perform better when doing so.

Examples of these are VA’s who are exceptional when it comes to a social media marketing or content writing. If they fit those areas you have listed, then you can better gauge results per objective.

2.) Go Hands-on

Hiring a virtual employee does not mean you can skip usual procedures. It is best to go hands-on with them to ensure you are truly getting what you are paying for, a win-win!

Treat the process like you are personally (and physically) employing another aide in your workforce. That means doing the same testing and interview as an adept HR manager would do.

Prepare to ask them questions like:

  • What are your rates and mode of payment?
    • Most VA’s income are paid by the hour through PayPal, but it is still best to ask them first.
    • Also, ask how many hours per day/week/month do they need for the tasks.
  • What are your relevant skills?
    • Find out if the VA is well-equipped in the wheelhouse for tasks you will assign. You can do this by asking them for samples of their work or certifications.
  • Why should I choose you as my VA?
    • A cliché question during interviews, but still, ask it. You might know more about your future online secretary.
  • What is your native language? (Optional)
    • Some tasks are language sensitive, especially those that involve writing. Gauge if your VA is fluent in your targeted language.

Those listed are just templates you can follow. Going creative and personal will be more fruitful, so we suggest you try and mix in anything that piques your curiosity. It is your virtual assistant, after all!

3.) Look for an Agency 

This part is the most time-consuming yet most rewarding among all the steps. Why? It is because you need to research where you can get your ideal VA.

We suggest looking for a company that:

  • Have a good reputation among virtual assistants in the area.
  • Offers virtual assistants that fit the “keepers” category.
  • Offer personal and virtual assistant support for your work and personal life.
  • Offers college-educated assistants who want to help your business grow and succeed.
  • Is dedicated to providing premium service in every task.

You can take your time and browse through countless virtual assistant websites. However, we suggest you go straight to where the “alpha” of the VA’s are.

Where? In Alpha Assistant, of course!

Our virtual assistants are certainly worth what you pay for and even more. Check us out!

4.) Hire a Virtual Assistant

Now that all your preparations are complete, it is finally time to get a virtual assistant for hire. Contact the agency of your choice and set-up an appointment or interview.

Make sure that your chosen virtual assistant fits all those in the list that you wrote down. Check each one and get the deal done.

And then — that is it! Congratulations on getting a virtual assistant for your business!


When you said: “find me a good virtual assistant”, we brought you a guide in choosing the best among all of them –no more, no less.

We aim to exceed your expectations.

As always, pick the alpha that leads the pack. One that will actively lead your business and personal life to grow and succeed, the alpha of virtual assistants.

Choose Alpha Assistant. Your alpha choice among all virtual assistants.

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