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If you’re running a business locally or online, one digital marketing method is the use of different social networking sites. Internet marketers like SEO specialists use social media marketing platforms to get customers directly. With this, your business will grow and increase traffic from targeted audiences.

Internet marketers use social media for advertising and promoting products or businesses online. With the innovation of social media sites, many people worldwide use these sites to connect with each other. This is the main reason why it’s best for promoting your business and expanding your product brand. Whether you’re from the west corner of the world or the east part, social media sites are a popular tool to connect people and share activities despite the physical distance. As a business person, you would want to make use of the popularity social media has with people to get customers online.

In the world of e-commerce, an online presence is essential to get traffic and gain customers. In Social Media Marketing, your SEO specialist will use Social Media Optimization to target traffic directly through social media sites. Different platforms can be used to promote your product brand or business online. I’ve listed 4 of the most popular Social Media Sites that your business can use in Social Media Marketing.



Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. Nearly 2 billion people are using Facebook actively.

It is one of the best Social Media Marketing Platforms. You can easily connect with people and build traffic to get customers for your business. The Higher volume of traffic means greater ROI.

With advertising, Facebook is also one of the easiest to manage compared to its rivals. You can get traffic easily without too much complexity. Furthermore, you don’t need to invest that much in Facebook ads.



If you want to increase your traffic further and turn them into prospective customers for your business, you should use Twitter.

Twitter is well known for using short messages online and sharing them with other users. You can also retweet the message, and the higher the message retweets, the more it becomes popular. People also use hashtags to target specific people or groups. These are important factors to take into consideration when using Twitter for social media marketing.

Reaching customer concerns can also be achieved better through Twitter. As long as your business maintains an active Twitter presence, your customers can easily reach you and send their concerns and feedback to you.



Unlike the other Social Media Marketing Platforms, Instagram uses mainly photos and videos to connect to people. Instagram might not look suitable for every business industry but keep in mind that as long as you keep a creative way of promoting your business through photos and videos, you will get your targeted audience, and you will get more followers. These followers will become your customers.



Another platform for Social Media Marketing is LinkedIn. This platform allows users to connect with Professionals. LinkedIn focuses on building relationships with other specialists/experts in terms of your industry. This means it is best for the B2B field and lead generation.

Optimizing your company page on LinkedIn can get you higher online visibility with your targeted audience. With LinkedIn, you can easily share events and updates on your business online.

Here, at Alpha Assistant, we provide social media marketing support to all types of business owners. With the help of our professional virtual assistants, we can bring your company successful marketing campaigns. Feel free to contact us today!

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