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Are you satisfied with the way you use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn provides businesses with a variety of marketing options, but which ones are right for your company?

In this article, you’ll learn alternative strategies to use LinkedIn to sell your business.


Create a strong LinkedIn company page.

You must create a LinkedIn corporate profile to establish a business presence and obtain access to extra services that improve your visibility.

Consider your LinkedIn company profile to be an extension of your firm’s website, with the ability to display eye-catching graphics, add products and services, and even post job openings.

Invite current workers, clients or customers, vendors, and partners to follow your page, and use LinkedIn’s paid targeted advertising to promote it to relevant LinkedIn members and urge them to do so.

If it’s suitable and/or allowable, ask significant clients or customers to suggest your products and services on your LinkedIn company page. These recommendations are visible to everyone on your page and serve as powerful testimonials for your company.

Filling your LinkedIn company page with intriguing and informative status updates about your sector or business takes time and effort, but it’s the most effective approach to improve your page’s followers and visibility. Remember to segment your members as you expand your following so you can send them more relevant updates.


Create an ongoing thought leadership program with “all hands on deck.”

Although particular corporate workers or partners will be required to assist in the implementation and maintenance of your comprehensive LinkedIn marketing strategy, having all employees involved and on the same page is key to success.

The position of your company on LinkedIn begins at the top, and when the company’s owner(s) or executives buy into the plan, it sets the tone for the rest of the organization.

When everyone in your organization joins LinkedIn, it creates an expanded network that boosts your company’s visibility and thought leadership in the industry.

Get your employees and stakeholders enthused about LinkedIn by connecting it to their professional aspirations.


Use LinkedIn Content Ads and Sponsored Updates to your advantage.

While LinkedIn social advertisements increase the number of followers on your corporate page and group membership, there are also ads on LinkedIn that drive traffic to your website or, better yet, a specific landing page.

LinkedIn does engage with larger brands on sponsored programs, but these programs are typically out of reach for small businesses. You’re probably better off using the self-service tools LinkedIn makes accessible to companies on the network if you want to execute social ad campaigns to boost your corporate page followers, group members, or even drive offsite traffic and lead conversions.

Make sure to test which ads are most efficient and effective for your business when you build and manage ad campaigns or sponsored updates on LinkedIn.


Create a LinkedIn Group for your business or industry.

LinkedIn groups are still going strong, and they’re an important part of a larger strategy for positioning your business as an industry thought leader.

The most effective groups concentrate on attracting relevant members who share the same aims and are well-managed. Assign the role of primary group manager/moderator to someone who pre-approves discussion posts, asks fantastic questions, and decides which members are accepted into the group to create a successful LinkedIn group strategy.

When you start your LinkedIn group, make sure you inform employees, clients and customers, vendors, partners, and industry influencers organically. Identify top influencers and have them serve as group ambassadors to help recruit members and to lead interesting discussions to keep your group active.

Before you begin to set out your entire LinkedIn marketing strategy, identify what your business goals are. Your comprehensive LinkedIn marketing strategy’s success is determined by whether you meet your objectives.

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for expanding your company’s reach and recruiting new clients or customers. It’s also a fantastic way to keep employees, customers, vendors, partners, and industry influencers on your radar.

Here, at Alpha Assistant, we provide LinkedIn marketing support to all types of business owners. With the help of our professional virtual assistants, we can bring your company successful marketing campaigns. Feel free to contact us today!

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