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Business means business. In 2021, the grind, grit, and grime game is as real as it can be; even more so with the COVID pandemic recently hitting every major industry out there. Things have changed drastically. You either adapt or close down, the “new normal”, so they say.

However, there is still a way to boost your business.

As a smart entrepreneur, try looking at the problem as another opportunity, the golden opportunity to invest in a workforce that perfectly fits the season’s requirements.


Hire a virtual assistant

They can answer all of your needs, resolve all your problems, and does it at your utmost convenience –remotely, with professional finesse. Yes, they can, and it does not end there.

Here is how virtual assistance can give your business the much-needed boost this 2021.


What Virtual Assistant’s Do.

Are you looking to hire an online digital assistant, aka virtual assistant?

That is the best choice you have made for 2021. Not only are there lots of benefits and gains from it, but virtual assistant services can also go over a hundred tasks for your business. From marketing to management, their skillset can accomplish “virtually” anything.

Of course, there is undoubtedly a plethora of things they can do on their end. But for the sake of conciseness, we will only showcase some significant tasks in which they absolutely excel.

Here is a shortlist of what they can do as your virtual personal assistant:


Clerical Work

Needless to say, they can function much with desk work as virtual administrative assistants. They are, after all, assisting. You can treat them as modern-day desk employees – “new employees”.

Need help with:

  1. Data entry
  2. Scheduling appointments and meetings
  3. Setting-up conferences
  4. Organizing timetables
  5. Communicating with clients

Then it is good as done. They function just like any other administrative assistant, with less of the coffee and treat-outs to boot. Also, no weird gossips too.


Personalized Tasks

Virtual assistants exist to make your business better. But more than that, they help make your life easier. Yes, they are professionals, but there is always room for trust and friendship.

Here are some of the things they can help you with:

  1. Organizing your personal schedule
  2. Booking your next dream holiday vacation
  3. Helping you choose which product is better

They can be both your sidekick and second opinion. Moreover, their thoughts can serve as an assurance that boosts morale, an ideal online personal assistant. Is that not a bonus already?


Creative Content

You probably heard of the quote “content is king” by Bill Gates. Now in the advent of the internet, filled with posts on various sites including this, the man certainly meant what he said.

Here are what online virtual assistants are capable of in the field:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Content Creation
  3. Social Media

Conversions mean profit. Having a stable presence in the digital media will undoubtedly lead to a better ROI. Thankfully, your virtual office assistants are more than capable. There is a reason why the word “virtual” is in the name.


Social Media Management

With Google making a profit out of searches and advertisements, other media platforms such as Facebook and Linked have stepped-up to be a staple for branding. Your brand will reach the eyes of millions with just a single tweet or post –if you do it right.

Here are the ways social media virtual assistants do to make it right:

  1. Producing quality content
  2. Engaging with potential clients or customers
  3. Scheduling posts and updates
  4. Analyzing data statistics

There is more to social media marketing than what is seen on the surface. Aspects like trends, viral posts, and clicks should be keenly monitored and analyzed. Virtual assistants are masters of these. They work through the internet, and they can navigate it with ease.


Customer Service and Email Management

Taking care of your customers is synonymous with email management. The first one deal with your customer’s satisfaction and the other is about responding to them. You can get both at the price of one.

Here are what virtual assistants have to offer:

  1. Answer queries regarding your brand
  2. Organize company email
  3. Filter inbox from spams
  4. Generate follow-ups
  5. Produce email marketing campaigns

Fluidity is efficiency. Virtual assistants can cruise through the necessities to optimize your workflow. They are highly trained individuals that can help you achieve your much-needed upgrade.


Now that you already know some of their skillsets let us proceed to explain more on how they can give your business a boost this 2021.


How Virtual Assistants Boost Your Business

It would be an understatement to call them the future of efficient employees when in actuality they already are in the present. In fact, statistics predict a surge of up to $300 billion in outsourcing just by the year 2020 alone.

The market is now scaled to tip in favor of virtual assistants. The reasons will not disappoint you.

Here are some of the reasons, and numbers, that will convince you enough to hire one:


Three Times Cheaper

If you want to be cost-efficient while not losing on the quality of your workforce, hiring a virtual assistant is the best thing you could possibly do. Why? They are simply cheaper and better.

Here are the numbers:

  1. You can save almost 80% operating cost per annum.
  2. You can opt to pay by the hour, an average of $400 a month.
  3. Nearly 60% of VAs at least has a college degree.
  4. Virtual assistants pay their expenses to provide service.

Not only that, they are known to be workers of great understanding, known to deliver what is asked with due diligence. More than %95 of them is satisfied with their work.

You can save a ton of money, have happy employees, and maintain quality: three times cheaper but three times better.


Increase in Productivity

After the money, it is now time to discuss how productive VAs can be. You might not see them physically, but they are putting on their mettle.

Here is a short of how productive they can be:

  1. Virtual assistants have a 13% increase in productivity compared to desk workers
  2. 22% boost in productivity for employees opting to work remotely
  3. 20% lesser stressed than office-bound employees
  4. High in-demand type of administrative assistant

It is worth noting that Tim Ferris, a well-known entrepreneur and the author of “4 Hour Workweek” humbles his success towards the efficiency of virtual assistants. He is now estimated to around $50 million in net worth by banking on the four hours of productivity.


Better Management

Specific tasks should be assigned to certain people with matching skillsets. Some employees are better off focused on the growth of the company, and there are others meant to do routine jobs.

This is where virtual assistants fit the bill. They can take care of most seemingly mundane tasks like preparing daily reports, emails, finances, etc. while being happy by doing so.

They help your company become better by giving space to your selected employees to put more emphasis on spearheading growth rather than extraneous tasks, all while not neglecting their duties as your assistant.

Moreover, you can hire them easily with not much of the training yet perform best. Their focus is on the specific tasks you give them and get it done quicker than most.



Again, business is business. If you want to elevate your business despite the arduous season, give it a boost by investing in the future of efficient employees. Give virtual assistants a try.

To be specific, give Alpha Assistant a try.

We are the alpha among the best virtual assistants. Your business’ much-needed boost this 2021.



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