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From shadows to the limelight, digital work, aka online work, is now considered a norm rather than a divergent from regular jobs. What used to be a debated profession is now the type of service hotly competed and most sought.

There is a new and current trend that took the podium in 2020, onwards to 2021.


Virtual is the new business trend

Digital employees can pristinely finish tasks with online finesse. They had adapted to the new normal before everyone else knew about it. Working virtually and remotely? They do it best.

But which among them is the best?

No doubt, it is your next employee who can do multiple remote tasks for the price of one. The associate that will both make your business and personal life thrice as productive –your virtual assistant.

Need proof? Here are reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant in 2021


Perfect for Pandemic Season

Virtual assistant 2021 fit best for office work during this pandemic.

In case you didn’t know, a world-leading Research Company, Gartner, Inc., reports that 88% of business institutions all over the world mandated and encouraged online work after Covid-19.

So not only virtual assistant for hire a trend and a norm, it is essentially prescribed by almost all businesses.

With certain health protocols that businesses need to follow, and while the world waits for a truly effective vaccine, your only option is to pick what fits best.

The changing times are yet to be finished. Hiring a virtual assistant is a guaranteed gain, not a loss.


Perfect for Remote Tasks

What is virtual assistant? Rather, what is a virtual assistant, and what do they do?

Think of a regular desk employee. They can do your tasks, finish your projects, accomplish goals, prepare your schedule, manage your social handles, etc. –for half the price and thrice the productivity.

We mean it! Virtual assistants are “virtually” capable of almost any task given to them. They may not be physically present, but they can be your jack of all trades, master of remote tasks.

Here are some virtual assistant tasks they can help you with:

  • Clerical Work
  • Personalized Tasks
  • Creative Content
  • Social Media Management
  • Customer Service
  • Email Management

Of course, the list does not end there. You get to know more of virtual assistant jobs when you hire one this 2021.


Perfect For Productivity

One of the frequently asked questions concerning virtual assistants is their productivity while working remotely. After all, you can’t “see” them in their cubicle at your office.

Well, the best answer to this would be –monitor them remotely.

There are modern programs that enable you to monitor those who work for you remotely. Best examples of these are Time Doctor, Toggl, ClickTime, and Timely.

They track what your virtual assistant is doing while at work, ensuring that your hourly stipend is not wasted.

Got it, they’re working, but are they really productive?

If words don’t convince you, then perhaps these numbers will:

  • Remote workers are 22% more productive than in-house ones.
  • VAs are 13% more productive compared to desk workers.

Hard to believe? They are also 20% lesser stressed than office-bound employees! Many believe that it is mainly due to their working environment and convenience.

By cutting time for commute, gossip, coffee break, smoke break, and idle talk, they can focus better on their task at hand by limiting distractions brought upon in the regular office.


Perfect For the Budget

Last but not least, virtual assistants will save you a TON of money.

How much does rent, bills, office supplies, furniture, computers, and all other necessities found in the office cost in total?

A lot, right? But with virtual assistants –you won’t spend a single cent.

They pay for the services they provide. That will save you around 80% operating cost per year! Yes, we heard you, It may sound too good to be true, but it is indeed legitimate.

Most VAs are even college graduates. That means you save money yet still retain quality for clients.



There is a reason why going remote and hiring a virtual assistant is the new business trend. That is, the benefits are simply immense for every entrepreneur and business owner.

You get an online digital assistant that is perfect for the season, tasks, productivity, and budget. What more could you probably ask for?

We mean the truth when we said you would get more for the price of one. Plus the income!

So if you plan to hire a virtual personal assistant now, select an agency that stands out among the rest—no need to search for other virtual assistant websites. You got one of the best right now.

Pick the alpha that leads the pack. One what will make both your business and personal life grow and succeed, the alpha among virtual assistants

Choose Alpha Assistant. Your business’s best choice for virtual assistants!



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